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As a central gathering place, the Student Center plays a significant role in the life of SIU by supporting the university’s mission and enhancing the educational experience. We are committed to providing excellence in programs, services, and facilities while serving students and the community in a safe and inclusive environment.

Take advantage of our many dining options, the Craft Shop, Bowling & Billiards, and other activities during your days as Salukis and as Alumni. Just as we bring students together, we enjoy bringing the community and the university together. We truly have something for everyone.



Craving soup in a bread bowl? Maroon Spoon has got you covered! Monday through Friday - 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.!

Be a Social Saluki

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Bowling & Billiards

It is a new year, which is frequently followed by new resolutions. Make it one of your resolutions to frequent B&B for friendly camaraderie and exercise!

Craft Shop Workshops

Spring 2015 Craft Shop Workshops are now available for viewing on our website!

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